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Blue Mosaic is an affordable out-of-the-box CRM solution with endless customization.

In need of a revolutionary medical software? Look no further! Whether you prefer to use our software or want us to build a custom system for your existing business, Blue Mosaic Health has over 10 years of experience with custom cloud based software integrations. We service a wide range of clients including but not limited to, Telemedicine, Logistics, Laboratories, Physicians, Pharmacy Groups, Hospitals and Locum Tenens while providing software that easily connects your patients and doctors with real time updates and reporting, for all medical needs.

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The following is a small sample of some of the benefits that The Blue Mosaic CRM provides. Please contact us for further information and for customizations that you may require.

API Integrations

We offer seamless access to data and we interact with external software components, operating systems, from our software to yours, saving man hours and operational costs.

Package Tracking

Need to keep track of your packages or generate labels? We can help with easy label and QR code capabilities for real time package tracking. Great for Laboratories, DME providers, HRT and similar companies that need products shipped.

Inbound/Outbound Click to Dial Phone System

Not only do we offer inbound/outbound call centers the capabilities to enable customers to interact with agents, we are helping bridge the communication gap by including Faxing, Chart Review and One Click Outbound Calling so you can focus on sales and marketing all in one easy to use location, Built right in!

Video Conferencing

Need to see your clients? You will be able to set up video calls across all devices that help comply with state laws, boost productivity, save time, reduce travel expenses, and promote collaboration Without the need for patients to download any additional items.

SMS Management

Revolutionizing the ability to immediately send and receive messages alternating between Doctors, CSR Agents, Shipping Departments, Accounting and Billing departments creating synergy while keeping your patient informed.

Patient Scheduling

Patients are able to give their availability to doctors for effortless connectivity. Our system will also notify you to contact patients for follow up consultations and, when needed, to refill medications to ensure Patient Retention.


E-Prescribing gives providers the ability to seamlessly send electronic prescriptions to local pharmacies. While also providing real time Lab and DME requisition forms with signature locations.

Real-Time Rx Benefits

Doctors can view estimated out-of-pocket costs for a prescription as well as medication alternatives, pharmacy dispensing channels, and coverage details.

Detailed Reporting

You name it, We can track every aspect of your business including but not limited to, Patient information, Doctor interactions, Agent and Call Center Reps, Shipping and Prescription information. This tool provides the ability to select specific information to equip you with the most accurate day-to-day reporting that is easily exportable at the touch of a button.

Patient Portal

Providing 24/7 access for patients across any device. Patients can access their secure Personal Health Information with a username and password. Patients have the ability to download laboratory requests, refill requests, consultation charts and prescriptions, Download PHI and any other information needed

Drug Reference Database

When prescribing medications, doctors will have access to accurate clinical content. Search our drug database for comprehensive prescription and patient information with additional features to ensure that medications aren’t contraindicated.


First Step

Meet with an expert to discuss the additional benefits of our software. Then, it’s as easy as scheduling a demonstration with a professional member of our staff.


Second Step

After the initial consultation contracts will be drawn according to agreements.


Third Step

Provide us with the specific modifications you need to successfully complete transactions or build to own!

Go Live

Fourth Step

Once live you will have continued support from our excellent customer service team.



We’re keeping your healthcare data private, in abiding by all HIPAA compliance laws.

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Clients will be assigned a dedicated personal assistant that will always be there to assist you with, but not limited to, initial training, staff training, initial mapping for the software or any questions you have now or in the future. Remember we are alway there as a part of your team.

Responsive Layout

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it.


Security with 2,048-bit encryption. Set user time limit on screen timeout function as needed or required. Password encryption with a minimum 8-character requirement, upper case, lowercase, special, and numerical all required. Firewall server protection. Disaster Recovery Snapshots ensure you never lose your data.

Ease of Use

We have clear icons and mapping for people to easily find what they need in seconds, for ease of use across all devices.

Database Indexing

Fast and reliable load times for all information needed. We improve the speed of data retrieval by quickly locating your data without having to search every row.

Customized CRM Solutions For Every Business

The features of tele-health are significant and include: improved access to doctors, and other qualified health practitioners, timely access to provisional services regardless of time and distance, reduced time, cost and risk of travel for clients, and health care providers which minimizes disruption and its associated stress to their daily working lives. Our vision in the tele-health industry is to ultimately enhance access to other health care choices for our members. Not in Healthcare? We also offer platforms for Logistics, invoicing, and more.

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